November 4, 2010

Kips Bay Showhouse 2010:The Drama is in the Details

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This year’s Kips Bay Showhouse, (to benefit The Kips Bay Boy’s and Girl’s Club), was filled with big, grand design. But what turned my head, was the exquisite attention to detail found in almost all of the beautifully appointed rooms.

Here are a few shots from my visit there, of Delicate and Dramatic Design Details I just couldn’t resist.

In this room titled “Room for a Daydream”, Elizabeth Pyne for McMillen Plus, started with a small focal point, and built on that.  Inspired by a treasured childhood portrait of her grandmother, the rest of the design unfurled.

A gorgeously hand painted wood floor adds opulence to a dressing room by
Darren Henault. Why settle for plain, when you can have fancy!

A brilliant new wallpaper product developed by Brett
Design, allows you to add a clear design layer over your own painted finish. The possibilities are endless! This lacy floral can lend a feminine touch. The walls of the Lounge in the showhouse executed by Brett Design, are done in a clear snake overlay. Very sexy!



Here’s a drapery detail I’ve never seen before. Inset jewel toned glass stones with embroidery detail on the leading edge of an otherwise understated window treatment, in this beautifully detailed  dining room by Cullman & Kravis. So fabulous!
A vignette from this truly glamorous Hollywood inspired  boudoir by The Jeffrey Design Group, proves that Accessories Matter! And perhaps also, that minimalism Is a Drag!

For the BIG PICTURE,  I highly recommend a visit to the showhouse.  It’s open through November 11th.

Here’s the link for more info :

Have fun!

March 6, 2009

Framed Wallpaper – Substitute for Fine Art

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This may not be the right time to invest in fine art, but hey, life goes on! Until wall art is hung, even the most beautifully decorated and carefully thought out room is not complete. A splendid alternative to expensive art is framed wallpaper. Currently, many of the wallpaper manufacturers are making beautiful, graphic, large prints that are eminently frameable, and make great wall art.


There are several approaches to such a project. If you need a single large piece that you would use over a sofa, or fire place mantel, choose an oversized abstract design and have it custom framed. Or you can use two 24″x36″ ready made poster frames and hang them side by side. The key is to choose a different area of the print design to center in each of the two frames, so that you don’t end up with two identical pieces.

Ready-made, store-bought frame, and attractive wallpaper

Ready-made, store-bought frame, and attractive wallpaper

For something medium sized, you can choose an 18″ x 24″ or 24″ x36″ ready made poster frame. Remember most wallpaper runs about 27″ wide. Many representational patterns will have central figure that you can focus in on. For example, a Chinoiserie pattern may have a perched bird. Center this figure, and then crop the wallpaper according to the size of the frame. I have a framed Chinoiserie wallpaper. One of my friends is a connoisseur of Asian art, and she was quite surprised when I pointed it out to her! She assumed that it was framed art. In any case, it’s very pretty, and it makes me feel happy when I look at it!


Vintage wallpapers from the Groninger Museum, The Netherlands

You can create a grouping of three or four small pieces by choosing a thematic novelty pattern. This one has four distinctly different black chair silhouettes on a white background. Each can be cropped, and framed with a ready made photo size frame and mat to make a charming grouping.

Thibaut- Cantonese color metallic gold

Detail of Thibaut- Cantonese color metallic gold

Some tips:

  • Check on the width of the wallpaper before buying large ready made frames. Some can be as narrow as 20″, though most American papers are about 27″ wide.
  • Choose a frame that picks up some of the coloring from the print, but retains contrast to the background
  • For a very large (custom framed) piece, select a pattern that will look good running sideways, such as an abstract or certain florals.
  • Remember, you don’t need A LOT of wall art, just a few choice pieces, to create few focal points.

    Thibaut- Cantonese, custom framed

    Thibaut- Cantonese, custom framed


Gorgeous effect, using bits of pretty wallpaper.

Gorgeous effect, using bits of pretty wallpaper.

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