March 17, 2010

Get a Blast of Spring into Your Home Right Now!

First, get a slip cover made for your sofa out of this joyous floral from Robert Allen, Kiki-color pinata. Don’t be afraid, you’re going to love it, I promise! And this fabric is super sturdy, with a 30,000 double rub rating. That means you can let the monkeys jump on the sofa, no problem!

Fabric and custom slipcovers are available at Gaita Interiors.

Rob Allen Kiki pinata


Then add a couple of cheerful pieces from Maine CottageThe look is whimsical, but the quality is very serious. This is some solid furniture, and the paint finishes are as tough as they are beautiful.  In my neighborhood, we get our Maine Cottage fix from Wendy Gee! right on Boston Post Rd, in Larchmont, NY.  At Wendy Gee! it’s spring all year round.  I highly recommend a visit.  Just browsing there always cheers me up!


Wendy Gee! also sells these rugs from Dash and Albert.  This particular one is an indoor-outdoor rug. That means you can take it outside and hose it down, no worries!


For the table top, check out these floral plates and towels  from Crate and Barrel. They do spring right! I guess somebody there knows that we need a little cheering up, and beige just wont do!  What could be nicer, first thing in the morning, than a bagel with flowers!
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So it seems, AS USUAL, in spite of everything, SPRING HAS SPRUNG!


March 24, 2009

Chic, Not Shabby! A Proper Slipcover

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This beautifully made slipcover uses a pretty mix of textures and soft colors.


A truly chic use of slipcovers.

Custom slipcovers have been getting short shrift for years now due to several trends in interior design. One is the “Shabby Chic” movement. The trend gets full credit for giving permission to American home dwellers to de-formalize their environments, combining the old with the new to create very personalized result. This shouldn’t mean getting rid of elegance. In it’s best incarnation, Shabby Chic succeeds beautifully in creating a stylish informality, which I love, and can’t live without. Unfortunately, like any trend that gets too popular, it has its abusers. Well loved (used) does NOT equal sloppiness.


Custom slipcovers everywhere. Not too shabby! This is from the movie "Something's Gotta Give", the beach house, one of my all time favorite movie interiors.

A ready made slipcover, no matter how clever, can never fit like a custom one, or stay properly in place when sat on, or be considered in any way “chic” Even a loosely fitted slip cover, should be made for that specific piece of furniture.

This red sofa has a well made slipcover, which is hard to distinguish from upholstery.

Gaita Interiors made this red slipcover, which is hard to distinguish from upholstery.


This slipcover was made by a skilled, experienced craftsman. Tight as a glove!

The other, opposite trend which has hurt custom slipcovers is the idea that anything new, is always better. In a booming economy, why slipcover, when you can throw it away, and buy a new one…on credit? I guess that bubble has burst! Here are some good reasons to give custom slipcovers a new look:

  • It’s very chic, and can be as shabby and casual as you wish,or if you’re like me very tailored.
  • It’s MUCH less expensive than either reupholstering or buying new.
  • A slipcover can be taken off and laundered.

This neutral slipcover makes a wonderful backdrop for an array of pretty mini-prints. Very charming!

  • You can support a small local business-craftsman, the backbone of the American economy!
  • You can get almost any look you want, granny floral, clean modern, ruffles or plain cording, whatever rocks your boat.
  • It’s a green alternative to throwing away old furniture, that’s still serviceable.

We saved these two nice old chairs and made custom slipcovers, with a contrast scallop fringe near the hem. The ottoman is from Beachley.

  • Your sofa or chair deserves a new outfit! How would you feel if you had to wear the same outfit everyday for years!
  • A well tailored slipcover, on the right type of piece can look just like upholstery.
  • Used upholstered furniture is cheap and plentiful. You can buy an old piece, and slipcover it for less than the cost of most new furniture.
  • You can make a summer slipcover for wintery looking furniture, giving your whole room a new vibrant look for the change of seasons. Your upholstery will last twice as long too!

So pretty! Washable linen custom slipcover.


Nice button detail.

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