September 24, 2009

Red and White and Pretty All Over

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Red is warm, vibrant, sexy and exciting. White is fresh, pure and bright. Together they make a great base for almost any style of interior design. Just add the color or neutral of your choice. You can’t go wrong!

By Amanda Kyser

Interior design by Amanda Kyser

I love the modern rusticity of this foyer with a brick red accent wall in a white setting.  The use of the same color on a mid-century chair with great bones is just brilliant!


Todd Romano used Farrow and Ball color Blaxer

Interior design by Todd Romano, The walls are Farrow and Ball, color Blazer

Did I mention COZY?  This traditional room makes the most of red’s cozy factor.  the red and white plaid, rich jewel toned oriental and soft plush furnishings make this a great room to curl up in with a good book.


Home of Dedar Fabrizio from Veranda, September 2009

Home of Dedar Fabrizio from Veranda, September 2009


Red walls make everything pop!  Your art and furniture will look better, more important.  I can’t think of any color that looks bad against red.  If you own neutrals, they’ll show up like they never have before. The bold backdrop will make a disparate collection of objects look related and integrated.

From Elle Decor, October 2009, designed by Bibi Monnahan

From Elle Decor, October 2009, designed by Bibi Monahan

This is the quintessential transitional living room.  The feel is very up to date. The furnishings are a gorgeous blend of the traditional and the contemporary.  The red backdrop with white matted art keeps it all beautifully pulled together.


Red and white mod

Red and white mod

Oh, this is so groovey!  Get me my go-go boots!  But seriously, it’s the the simple color scheme, red combined with soft silvery whites that keep this room firmly planted in the 21st century.


Stunning chinese red kitchen cabinets.

Stunning Chinese red kitchen cabinets.

If anyone dares to paint their kitchen cabinets this color, I’d love to see photos.  The results are stunning, and in fact, very livable.  Red is so versatile!

This daring and unusual kitchen is by Susan Massey The article is from Southern Accents


red curtains, grey sofa

The red curtains and other touches of red make the room.

I love lots of red, but here are some examples showing how a little red can go a long way.  It’s like wearing a little black dress, and then finishing off the look with bright red lipstick.

T. Keller Donovan

Kitchen design by T. Keller Donovan


Stephen Shubel

Interior design by Stephen Shubel

If I woke up in a bedroom like this, I might get confused and think I’m a movie star! 

“Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for close-up.”


Miles Redd

Designed by Miles Redd


By Eldon Wong Rosenthal china service.

Design by Eldon Wong, with Rosenthal China Service.

Here’s a  great way to add a little red and white-  paint the interior of a china cabinet red, then display classic white china in it.  Your china will look better than ever!

Here’s  some great stuff out there that can bring some of this warm-sexy-cool-bright-vivid prettiness into your home:

The Mod look:
25245-98 DuraleeLe Corbusier white leather!D_819 kravet

The above items are:
Red Fabric (Duralee 25245-98), White Leather Chair (Le Corbusier), Red Lamp (Graham and Green), Black Fabric (Kravet Goodell-819)


The Warm Traditionalist:

30369_19 kravetgumps white garden stoolgump's openwork chair redGILAD_910 kravet


The above items are:
Red Fabric (Kravet 30369-19), White Garden Stool (Gumps), Open Works Red Chair (Gumps), Stripe Fabric (Kravet Gilad-910)

Eclectic Transitional:


9781588167392_int_116-133Mizoram ThibautGingerSideTableS9145720_WH09_W_hs

The above items are:
Red Paint (Benjamin Moore -Ravishing Red 2008-10), Red Fabric (Thibaut -Mizoram), Ginger Side Table (Crate and Barrel), White Lamp (Williamsburg Market Place)

All fabrics are available through Gaita Interiors.  For pricing and availability, call (914)834-8282

So maybe you’re thinking you’d have to think a lot, ruminate, spend hours at the paint store before making the drastic decision to paint your walls red…, not really.

Just choose a red you love, and a fresh bright white, get the room painted, and move your stuff in!

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