February 13, 2010

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day: Are You Ready?

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Not ready for Valentine’s Day?!?!  You  procrastinators can still stay out of the dog house!  Here’s how:

Start with a luxurious cashmere throw.  Any good department store will have them.  These are from Gracious Home. Combine that with a couple of Valentine’s Day classics, and you’ll be in good with your sweetheart!


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plus this…


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February 12, 2010

2 Day’s Till Valentine’s: You Better Be Ready!

Gift Idea of the Day:

botanica magnifica

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Flowers will always make a fabulous, romantic Valentine’s Day gift. Especially the kind that last forever, like the ones in this outstanding, gigantic book of gorgeous  botanical photography by award winning photographer Jonathan M. Singer.

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Botanica Magnifica is available through the New York Botanical Garden.

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