April 2, 2009

The Essential White Bed


If I had to choose one color to use for all bedding, for all time, it would be white. A white bed is beautiful, versatile and practical, no matter the style or price point. Here are some gorgeous examples of how to use white bedding.


Strong black and white is softened with golds and browns, retaining the drama, while avoiding the harshness of unrelieved black and white.


This is all about contrasts. The fresh luxurious white bedding sets off the rustic surroundings. Warm earth tones with a big splash of pure cool white lends color contrast. The sophisticated crystal chandelier is nice touch too, adding a diversity of textures, shimmery clear crystal, against opaque rough brick.



This plain white bedding creates a nice neutral center for a boldly colored bedroom. If you get tired of blue and fuchsia, you can paint, change the pillows and slip covers and put the white bedding back on. It will always look good, no matter what other changes you make around it.

84f5271eb89c6When in doubt, try white with white. It’s impossible to make a mistake combining white, cream, ivory, bone, ecru etc. Gold and silver surfaces make great accents with this look. In this case the lthe whites and tans. This technique works especially well in a bedroom, where it lends a dreamy serene quality.



Here white bedding is used in a strong masculine setting, and it works very well. It adds brightness to an otherwise deep toned setting. There are a few small touches of pure white to pick up the white of the bedding, such as the ceramic pieces and the white in the stripe flanking the bed.


Yes, if you have a view of the sapphire blue ocean, then you should definitely add a sapphire blue velvet pillow with pure white bedding. A touch of sheer white fabric and a fun fuchsia print finish it off. I’ll have my daiquiri now!

White bedding is:

  • Elegant and timeless
  • Dreamy, serene and fresh
  • Easily laundered
  • Easily replaced
  • Available in every style imaginable from lacey and ruffled, to sleek and modern.
  • Available in every price point and quality, ranging from a million thread count form France, to basics from JCPenney

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