October 12, 2009

Autumn in Vermont: Interior Inspiration

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In my work, I spend many hours looking at, and thinking about the work of other designers, artists, textile designers, furniture makers and craft people of every ilk. But whenever I can, I turn my focus to NATURE, the original, fundamental, and primary source of all inspiration!

October in Vermont is perfect for this kind of creative refreshment.  It’s no wonder Vermont is known for it’s crafts and artists! I just spent a couple of days there taking pictures. Here’s a very small example of what I saw, and the direct inspiration for interior design that I took from it.

Copy of DSC_0273

This incredible fuchsia foliage is the aptly named Flame Bush.  I love it at this stage, half green, half fuchsia.

…And, I love it as a color scheme.  Green and pink are natural companions.  At this depth of saturation, they bring  earthiness, glamour and passion. The combination amps up the exotic feel of these Moroccan inspired patterns.

GREENANDPINKWITHBROWNBRANCHESsldhfoifhslihfoihflskjhfoshflaksnc,xjhieoufjp;almcmxfghidfgvbksjbclsckjbkbkz,jhosksudgsk,jbvksuihfnlazkx bvksudhflzxb kiusdcblzk b,zb
27148_430  kravet

marmag_180949H-299W3080_630  karvet
marmag_180934H-298W3093_640 kravetmarmag_180954H-298


Fabrics: Top row-  All three are from HIGHLAND COURT 180933H-298, 180939-298 and 180944H-338.   Second Row- KRAVET 27148-430, Highland Court 180949H-299, Kravet (wallcovering) W3080-630.   Third Row-Highland Court 180934H-298,  Kravet (wallcovering) W3093-640, Highland Court 180954H-298  All fabrics are available through Gaita Interiors (914)834-8282.

madeline weinrib hot pink songcentralglassworks.net


PASTELFOLIAGEONHILLWITHROADlkirfjolsnfosiefhls,djfkosihn.z,xncvkdujrfjwl;s.,nv kjfkm;l., mvjekijmlc;., vknln vk

Carpet- Hot Pink Song from Madeline Weinrib,  hand blown vase from www.glassworkscentral.net , green Moroccan Pouf from http://moroccanprestige.com/leather_poufs.html, Moroccan Lantern from www.gifts.freemarkits.com Fuchsia Moroccan Pouf from www.tazidesigns.com

The Real Vermont, Why I Keep Going Back: I took this shot on the edge of a quiet country road, on a cloudy afternoon in Ludlow, Vermont.  To me in exemplifies all that is lovely about Vermont in the Autumn.  The shady old tree, the stone wall, the mix of reds, greens, and yellows.  Too bad you can’t smell the pines!  Pines smell best in Vermont, in the crisp air of Fall.


ROADWITHYELLOWTREElsrdkb,mdjlohfnvx,mnlsoijfls.zn vkxufghbols., nxmjkdjoeirhgbvdjvn;sokfpwhvlsvnlsknc;kdh

We can call this the Harvest Palette,and for many it is the only color scheme necessary…EVER!! (Blue need not apply!)  It offers a generous helping of warmth and cheer to carry you through the coldest winter.

I like my Harvest Palette on the light side, with lots of orangy reds and yellows,  and low notes of clean, deep greens.  This  combination lends itself to a range of settings from a casual  farm house kitchen, to the most formal Manhattan townhouse, and everything in between.  It works beautifully with classic chinoiserie details.

FENTON!D_430 kravet27772=640holpla_31786-21
AROWOFTHREEABOVERIGHTHEREmlsirjhdln.;lskdpwoireligbls,dmc;qpwiepwohgdjnvlam,[pqwiwihfvs, nv;ajdpqofh
alasun_180664H-26822302_24 kravetHOLISTIC_16 kravet
THISISTHERIGHTSECONDROWlsirldnv;slediroeyr390oijfsjgbvksvnpwoeuroegbksndv lsdkw0oehyfsbvlsknc;aopdjp
atlas peak citrus mango robalalder dmask wallpaper green thib

Fabrics: Top row- KRAVET Fendton D-420, Kravet 27772-640, Kravet 31786-21  Second Row- HIGHLAND COURT 180664H-268,  Kravet 22302-24. Kravet Holistic-16  Third row- ROBERT ALLEN Atlas Peak citrus mango, THIBAUT Alder Damask green wallcovering.  All fabrics are available through Gaita Interiors (914)834-8282

safavieh heirloom collectionmacys lighting enterprises antique red clay claudia table lamphand painted lotus vase gumps
openwork square garden stoolgumps handpainted chrysanthemum screenshanghai lacquer storage boxes gumps

Rug from Safavieh Heirloom Collection, the following items are all from Gump’s- Hand Painted Lotus Vase, Open Work Green Garden Stool, Hand Painted Chrysanthemum Screen, Shanghai Red Lacquer Boxes.

I recommend photography as a way of developing a deeper enjoyment of the outdoors. When you decide to photograph something, you’re forced to REALLY look at it, with a concentration you may never have used for JUST LOOKING.  You don’t have to be a great photographer (eg:  ME!)  Any old camera will do. The photographs are not the point.  They’re just a means to an end; a new way to see.

I hope you find:


October 3, 2009

Leafy Looks for Fall Tablesettings: from Zero $’s to Top Shelf

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For many, Autumn is the favorite season of the year. The weather is crisp, but not frigid. The holiday bustle hasn’t quite set in yet. Summer’s green glory is being replaced with warm reds and golds.

Why wait for Thanksgiving to bring some of this beauty to your dinner table?

Zero $ Budget Fall Looks for the Table: Help yourself to Autumn’s natural decorations, artfully arranged.


From littlefrenchgardenhouse.blogspot.com


amber martha stewart

This simple look for the fall is from Martha Stewart.


more leaves better homes

From Better Homes and Gardens


better homes and gardens

A leafy bouquet from Better Homes and Gardens


country living grape leaf

A single grape leaf on white china from Country Living


interiordec.about.com plate

Navy blue and burgundy for fall from interiordec.about.com


Small Investments: The marketplace is filled with pretty little things to add Fall’s special ambiance to your table.  The prices are  recession friendly, and you can use them year after year.  Here are a few I found.

Brownstone Table Linens, Modern Leaf from Macy’s, Acorn Plate from Crate and Barrel, Excel Antique copper Leaf Napkin Rings from Macy’s

I’d love to see the oak leaf napkin holders combined with the acorn dessert plates, over a fern green tablecloth.


brownstone table linens, modern leaf, Macy's

acorn plate CandBexcel antique copper leaf napkin rings macys


This Leaf Salad Plate from Pottery Barn is a great way to serve a green salad, any time of the year.

leaf salad plate pot barn

Pier 1 Red Leaf Platters, Vera Turning Leaf Napkin from Macy’s, Margo Leaf Salad Plate from Crate and Barrel.

I think the Red Leaf Platters from Pier 1 just GLOW with the warmth of the season.


red leaf platters pier 1vera turning leaf macysMargoLeafSaladPlateS4F8


Etienne Runner in Rust from Crate and Barrel, Recycled Glass Green Leaf Serving Bowl from Pier 1.
EtienneRunnerRustF9recycled glass green leaf serving bowl pier1

Heirlooms of the future: serious investments that your kids will fight over after you’re gone.


m aram vegetable serveware horchowaram pmegranate salt and pepperhorchow michael aram gooseberry bowls

All of these beautiful , nature inspired objects (above) are from the Michael Aram Collection from Horchow.

frivole by brenardaud bloomies


This exquisite hand painted china from Bloomingdale’s, “Frivole” by Brenardaud  (left) has a leafy, whimsical pattern, that transcends the season, but can certainly be interpreted for Fall.  Truly a collectible heirloom pattern. It might be worth it to get married, and register at Bloomie’s,  JUST to obtain this stunning china!!

 The Majolica Overlapping Begonia Leaves Plate (right)
 is from Marys-Antiques.com and is a collectible antique pattern. Thanks to the internet, collecting old patterns is SO EASY and so much fun!


This gorgeous photo from michpics.wordpress.com


Autumn is fleeting.  I’m beginning to miss it already!  Soon winter will be setting in.  So make the most of it, indoors and out!

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