May 8, 2009

Orange Flip! A Strong Warming Trend in Interior Design

Orange is everywhere this spring! Warm as a summer sunset, fruity, upbeat, alive and energetic. Here are 3 good ways to use this delicious color in your home.


Nature does orange, full saturation!


Boldly done

Boldly done by Sara Bengur Interiors

Orange Combined with Blue, it’s opposite on the color wheel.

I was thrilled to see this orange and turquoise room by designer Sara Bengur at the Kip’s Bay Show House in New York. These colors are natural companions, each bringing out the best in the other. The blue cools down the intensity of the orange, the orange lends warmth. I love the free use of accent colors, like the hot pink and lime green. The neutral white table keeps the whole thing grounded.

Tiles by Ann Saks

Tiles by Ann Saks


Hable Construction

Orange Mum Pillow from Hable Construction

Macy's Alexandra Sofa

Macy's Alexandra Sofa

Duralee 180940h-652

This Duralee fabric (180940H-652r)would make a great ottoman or throw pillow.



Karlstad swivel chair from Ikea

Bulokku Bedoire Pillow,

Bulokku Bedoire Pillow,


same principle

Same principle, warm orange, cooled down with doses of turquiose blue.

Orange as a Sassy Brightener in a Neutral Setting.


Mmmm, good!

If Orange Flip isn’t your flavor, maybe you should consider Creamsicle. Remember that creamy/juicy combo of orange sherbert and vanilla icecream on a stick? If Creamsicle were a room, this is what it would look like:



A little sherbert orange goes a long way.

Room and Board

Room and Board



Room and Board

Smokebush Pendant Light from Room and Board

Mitchell Gold Avery Sofa

Mitchell Gold Avery Sofa


Indoor/outdoor pillows from


Duralee 180934H-36r

Duralee 180934H-36r


Vivid Oranges,Lemons and Limes.

Cheerful, upbeat, tropical, endless summer! If you like your life intense and juicy, this color palette will suit you to a T !


Pretty birdie, chic birdie!



A collection of vintage vases. Get me to the flea market!!

Never a dull moment!

Never a dull moment!


Duralee 180943H-35r

Duralee 180943H-35r



Ikea's Tylosand Sofa in an intense orange

I saw this on

I saw this on




Green Skittles Lamp from Lum

Green Skittles Lamp from Lum

Pierre Bonnard

One of the masters of color,Pierre Bonnard -Dining Room in the Country 1913

Cheerful, lively, warm, assertive, uplifting…Have an Orangey Day!!

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  1. Orange sherbert and turqouise scream summer !! These colours have so much personality. I haven’t the courage to use them as boldly as in some of these pictures, (the orange sherbert pillows is about as far as I’ll go) but I really wish I did, because they are so lively.. Maybe outside on the patio… hmmmm??

    Comment by Vitania — May 11, 2009 @ 9:38 PM

  2. Hey Vitiana,

    That’s why I put the “Creamsicle” concept up there, for folks who can’t commit to a LARGE amount of bright orange! The best part is, if you create a neutral backdrop, you can get rid of the orange in a year or two, and switch to green, red or blue, whatever you fancy!

    Have Fun!

    Comment by admin — May 12, 2009 @ 7:15 AM

  3. Fabulous pictures! I’ve been on an orange kick, too lately. It’s such a fun color. Your blog is great!

    Comment by Kelly@ColorSizzle — May 14, 2009 @ 10:59 AM

  4. LOVE all the ORANGE!!! Such a bright, happy… yummy colour!

    Comment by Fifi Flowers — June 2, 2009 @ 3:51 PM

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