May 7, 2010

Mother’s Day, In a Hurry!

In case you are not prepared for the big day  yet, (shame on you!) I’ve conducted a very serious study, to learn what the perfect Mother’s Day Gift for the Home is.

What is that quintessential THING, that all mothers want MORE THAN  ANYTHING? (besides a day at the spa,…no kids invited?)

Well here it is…based on months of research, extensive polls, laboratory testing…..

JUST KIDDING!  The only  search I’ve done is based on my own personal WISHES.  Here’s something I’d really love to receive, and it’s not too late to run out and get it!:

An assortment of cheerful floral cotton pillows-for the traditional Mom

pottery barn

These are from Pottery Barn, and they do a great job of making several very carefully chosen prints look as if they’ve been casually thrown together. the price is right, and the feather fillings are very good.

Or for the Mod Mom, Balanced Design makes these very beautiful, very eco friendly pillows: Green, organic and oh so modern!


Just the thing to add cheer and freshness to my house, and make me love being at home even more than I already do!

Happy Mother’s Day!

February 13, 2010

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day: Are You Ready?

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Not ready for Valentine’s Day?!?!  You  procrastinators can still stay out of the dog house!  Here’s how:

Start with a luxurious cashmere throw.  Any good department store will have them.  These are from Gracious Home. Combine that with a couple of Valentine’s Day classics, and you’ll be in good with your sweetheart!


gracious homeplus this…PM03

plus this…


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lipstick kiss
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February 12, 2010

2 Day’s Till Valentine’s: You Better Be Ready!

Gift Idea of the Day:

botanica magnifica

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Flowers will always make a fabulous, romantic Valentine’s Day gift. Especially the kind that last forever, like the ones in this outstanding, gigantic book of gorgeous  botanical photography by award winning photographer Jonathan M. Singer.

BOOKABOVEldkrjo49e58tnun0w3498tunloe57u6tw95v6 7tu9o57gnp9576n9wv567bpw945n76vbw4957bv9w485oib76

Botanica Magnifica is available through the New York Botanical Garden.

February 11, 2010

3 Days Till Valentine’s: Gift Idea of the Day

I really hope you’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day.  You’re running out of time!

For the romantically committed, the Met Store has this reproduction of a 17th Century Marriage Box.  Laden with meaning, the engraved figures depict Trust, Hope, Prudence, Love and Tenderness. We girls love that stuff!!

marriage box

4 Days Till Valentine’s… Are You Ready?

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Gift Idea of the Day:

A pair (of course!) of Love Bird Mugs would make a heart warming, and hand warming gift of affection. These are from Jane Jenni’s collection of Personality Mugs.  They’re all cute, and modern, and make great gifts.

love birds muglove birds mug

February 9, 2010

5 Days Till Valentine’s.. Get Ready!

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Gift Idea of the Day:

One of the most  romantic paintings of all time, Gustave Klimt’s The Kiss (1907-1908) explores passion, love,  and sensuality…Not a bad way to spend a Valentine’s Day evening!

klimt the kiss framed plaque met store

Metropolitan Museum of Art Store has this nicely done, gilt framed reproduction.  Sorry, the original’s not for sale!

February 8, 2010

6 Days Till Valentine’s…Get Ready!

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Gift Idea of the Day:

These playful, romantic pillows from Clayton Gray Home, are made per order.   I’d LOVE to jump into a big pile of them!

love pillows, clayton gray

February 7, 2010

7 Days Till Valentine’s…!!

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Gift  Idea of the Day: give a gift that is timeless and elegant

vtm-09-juno As a Valentine’s Day gift,this beautiful Venetian cut glass vanity mirror brings a message.  It says: I think you’re beautiful and glamorousThe Mirror Lady has quite a few other beauties in this category, made to sit on top of a bureau or vanity.  Very luxurious and romantic!

8 Days Till Valentine’s! Are you Ready?

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A fun and funky, yet sexy Valentine’s Day Gift:

Having trouble expressing how you feel toward that special someone? Trixie Delicious, (also known as the Vintage Vandal) can help.  This oh-so-sweet  cup and saucer, becomes really quite saucy in Trixie’s hands. Your intentions will be made very clear!


Wishing you a  HOT Valentine’s Day!

February 5, 2010

9 Days Till Valentines! Are You Ready?

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Gift Idea of the Day: It’s time for …

A  TRULY  ROMANTIC  GESTURE! Heart of My Heart is from the art glass makers  Steuben Glass:

Its made of the finest crystal money can buy, it’s meant to be seen and it’s FOREVER!


More gift ideas below…

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