July 12, 2010

Citrus Colors for Interiors: mid summer refreshement

This summer is a hot one, and just seems to be getting hotter. Here’s some juicy citrus interior refreshment for your personal oasis.

coastal living
From Coastal Living, this orange and white always reminds me of a Creamsicle:  cool orange sherbert and vanilla ice cream…


ss_100032417Citrus -- Oranges
THREEORANGEFABRICSldkrup9w3n8475nw93v8457tpnv5pw95pw957wpbelripo9m8ut;vome94mtnobs958tb0s9e75tow4s 5y

The fabrics above are from: Duralee,Duralee and Thibaut


A melange of oranges, lemons and limes, this room keeps it all pulled together with sunny yellow walls.  Citrus all the way!lemons


coco full repeatthibaut pearl trellis yellowfabric-rayure-mango-print des guild



The fabrics above are from Thibaut, Thibaut and Designer’s Guild

coastal lvng
In the photo above from Coastal Living, an outdoor lounge is brought indoors. If summer is your favorite season, then this is a great way to keep that feeling year round.

surf green thibfabric-carmen-mandarin-print des gulidduralee_14741-682
THREELIMEFABRICASdlkjtp0947u5ngpw947u5npwg937u5pw9gb8793v85y7gw98n6yoert8un0p957b0 95uy
The fabrics above are from Thibaut, Designer’s Guild and Duralee.

All fabrics are available through Gaita Interiors (914) 834 – 8282


January 25, 2010

Adding a Hearth to Your Home

This winter has been a rude awakening! After several warmer-than-usual winters in the northeast, we’re having a good old fashioned, deep-freeze of a winter, like we used to have!   Instead of global warming, let’s just call it global weirdness!

One way to ward off the winter blues, and maybe even cut down on the heating bills, is to add a hearth,via a wood or gas burning stove.  If your house doesn’t happen to have a wood burning fireplace, there are more ways than ever to get some of that snap, crackle and heat into your  home, without the upheaval (and expense) of a major renovation.

Starting with the most traditional look, an old fashioned wood burning (or gas) stove adds so much coziness and cheer, without the undertaking of building a brick chimney and flu.  A gas or wood stove, does need venting, but it can usually be handled with a pipe vent, or chimney sleeve insert.  The traditional country look is surprisingly versatile fitting in and enhancing all kinds of living spaces, from a rustic cabin, to the most sophisticated contemporary home.

I really love  this modern rustic look.  Here a niche is turned into a warm focal point with a small stove. This stove is from Yeoman Stoves



This classic, but simple stove blends well with the upscale surroundings.  It looks to me as if the hearth box was built especially to house the stove. The stove is from www.wendronstoves.com



In this case, tradition has been followed to the letter, and to very good effect.  The Hearth and stove are diminutive in scale, and both up plenty of warmth, in the style of the room, and the temperature! The stove is from www.livingstone.ie



I don’t think of myself as a “country gal”, but this is country style I could live in, and happily.  A warm fire, big comfy chairs, white washed walls, good reading in reach.  I wouldn’t move till spring! Best Accessories: Pitcher of flowers, friendly pooch. Image via  Country Living.

living-room-dunn country living


The stove below is from Jotul.

jotul f400


Wouldn’t it be great to have a nice hearth in the kitchen? A gas stove in particular, doesn’t take up much space.  That’s because it may be placed closer to a wall, because the gas fire doesn’t radiate heat as much as a wood fire. The stove is from Morso

Morso stove via housetohome


Moving on to a more transitional look, this Jotul model, with it’s racetrack oval shape has a hint of Art Deco, and comes in a brilliant collection of colors, as in these two photos below.   The quality is top notch! This room with a blue stove shows that you don’t need much, as long everything is JUST SO. Minimalism with a little rustic warmth. The blue and red stoves are from Piazzetta

robeys.com blue


Robey's piazzetta-e905-wood-stove


“To infinity, and beyond!” (as Buzz Lightyear would say…) Just because wood is an old fashioned energy source, doesn’t mean a wood stove has to LOOK old fashioned!  Here are some modern and even futuristic styles for the hard core modernist.



The stove above is the Bocaccio by Koppe

Oooh, my favorite show is on! Not much of a plot…


The stove above is the Dadoo from Wodtke.   The one below is the Piko from Austroflam.



Really quite elegant: This stream lined stove is the K6 Steel from Meunkel Design.



If this is all too much for you: too expensive, space consuming or just too much trouble, there are gel fuel burning fireplaces that you can literally, buy, bring home, and start up, no venting, no nothing!


Don’t expect a roaring fire, and you won’t be roasting any wieners either.  But they’re very decorative, highly available in a variety of looks, and visually warming. And when you move, you can pack it and take it along!

cube in roomCUBEINAROOM094804958tpwj6gw78w5976ppw94g76w49hgnw4567gh467jg-5896g35896fjw976

This is the Cube gel fuel fireplace from EcoSmart.

cube fireplaceCUBEdordoruvmsoeituvsnrutsoirvnoerituvbsotiyliertyvbl8ibylirybl8ebyleybleytvp348975fph93875g3o934865

I like the way the flame is reflected in the metal surround, increasing the warm glowing effect. This is the Zeta Fireplace from EcoSmart.

eco smart zeta fireplaceECOSMARTGELFIREPLACEoieuro57fw938h57ow38fhq3958q395h8o348957fh3o5gf38w45fh35

The Vidro Stainless Steel Ventless Fireplace from Blomus (below) hangs on the wall, just like a mirror or framed art.

blomus's vidro


This is as traditional as you could ever wish.  But shop carefully: Beware of cheesy looking fake logs.  Some can be really well done, very beautiful and real looking.  Others, not so much.  This is the Glendora from Southern Enterprises.



Here’s a sophisticated concrete look, very transitional. The Zephyre from www.sunjelfireplaces.com


The Fire Feature:   Some artist/designers have completely left behind the “fireplace” concept, and are creating “fire features”  Most often used in public spaces, I’d  love to some of these ideas adapted for residential use.

Anne Colombo, of Colombo Construction, Brooklyn, NY is a leader in this  design form.   Some of her designs are poetry in fire.

by anne colombo

anne colombo


Here’s to the pleasures of the indoor life!

Good food and friends, a warm fire to gather around…You  may even  stop wishing for spring.

September 4, 2009

Beautiful Art I’ve Seen in Larchmont, NY

The Mamaroneck Artist’s Guild, known as MAG does a great job representing artist’s from the Lower Westchester area.  Everything they show is of the highest quality.  Here are some pieces from their collection I put together to “art up” a prospective sophisticated living room in a cool modern palette with splashes of hot color.  I dipped into photography, painting, sculpture and woodcuts.  What Fun!!


"Roman Vine" by Aida Krgin


"Tom" by Suzanne Bohrer Ashley

"Tree of Life III" by Gerda Rose

"Tree of Life III" by Gerda Rose


"Conversation" Stoneware sculpture by Sybil Maimin

"Conversation" Stoneware sculpture by Sybil Maimin



"Calligraphy" by Carol Watnick



"Hopewell Farmhouse" by Tanya Schlick



"Urban Landscape" by Lynne Lederman


"Doorway" by Aida Krgin


This just a tiny smattering of the gorgeous art represented by MAG.  I’m so proud to have an art gallery with such a broad and eclectic collection, right here in my little town of Larchmont New York!  Click here to get a peek at what they’re showing right now.  If you’re thinking of coming from Manhattan, it’s just a ten minute walk from Larchmont Train Station.

Which comes first, the art or the fabrics? In this case the art came first, and I was inspired by it to create a collection of coordinating fabrics.  Here’s what I came up with  for our proposed living room:

adelle graphiteamazing maze tulipaerial leaves iced celadonorator nightfall
beach life sangrianeivre noirebetwixt grey opalansonia fleur caviar

Fabrics: All from Robert Allen- Adelle Graphite, Amazing Maze Tulip, Aerial Leaves Iced Celadon, Orator Nightfall, Beach Life Sangria, Neivre Noire, Betwixt Grey Opal, Ansonia Fleur Caviar.

For pricing and availability of fabrics, call Gaita Interiors (914)834-8282


July 25, 2009

“First Responders of Larchmont and Mamaroneck: A Tribute

The Mamaroneck Artists Guild, at 126 Larchmont Ave, Larchmont, NY are showing (through July 25th) a remarkable, graphic and moving display of full life size, high resolution portraits of  Mamaroneck and Larchmont’s indispensable first responders: police, firefighters and EMTs.  The artist photographer of this striking collection of portraits is Robert P. Fine.

Mr. Fine, shown here with his work, gives you an idea of the scale of the pieces.  The effect is very dramatic.

Mr. Fine, shown here with his work, gives you an idea of the scale of the pieces. The effect is very dramatic.

Each of the First Responders is identified by name, retaining the importance of the individual, as well as the necessity of team work depicted by the collection as a whole.


On viewing the diverse group of men and women represented here, I’m struck by their  cheer and openness, as well as the obvious pride these individuals take in their chosen professions.

The gallery is an open, airy light filled space, painted pure white, creating an excellent stark backdrop for the dark uniforms worn by the subjects.


In addition to Mr. Fine’s compelling approach to photographic portraiture, he is also an accomplished landscape photographer. On his two web sites you can see ample examples of his impressive work in both areas.        www.extremeres.com and www.rfinephotography.com

The pieces currently shown will continue to be available for purchase through Mamaroneck Artists Guild (MAG) for $225 each

MAG rotates shows every three weeks, which gives us all plenty to see.  Visit their web site to see what’s coming up next!

July 17, 2009

HOW TO: Design a Glamorous Movie Bedroom for Your Home

One of the great traditions of Hollywood cinema is the creation of dreamy set designs. Why would we pay good money to go to a movie, just to see our favorite stars living lives in settings that are mundane? Even if the plot is in no way dependent on gorgeous interior design, seeing the interiors of beautiful homes is a big part of the escapism of the movies, and always has been.

Well my philosophy is: No home should be mundane. Each one should be as special as the individuals who dwell there. Whatever the available budget there’s always a way. The bedroom in particular is a personal sanctuary. Here are two beautiful,very different examples of glamorous movie bedrooms, and how YOU can get that glamour into your life.


Here’s what Carrie’s got going on in her “newly renovated apartment”, and a  few elements you can use to get the look:

Carrie Bradshaw's glam bedroom

Carrie Bradshaw's glam bedroom

Carrie Bradshaw is my friend! OK, don’t send the paddy wagon, I know she’s not real! But I feel like we’ve been through a lot together! Romantic ups and downs, career stalls and triumphs, keeping friendships alive through it all. I want to congratulate her for finally getting her act together in her apartment. Why wait for prince charming to come along to live in a chic environment? When she graduated from the small screen to the silver screen,thanks to set designer Jeremy Conway, my fictional friend stepped up to an elegant, modern and oh so urbane Manhattan apartment.


West Elm Zebra Rug 9'x12' $749.00

West Elm Zebra Rug 9'x12' $749.00


Benjamin Moore -Clearest Ocean Blue 2064-40. White Dove would be nice on the trim and ceiling.


Wallace Upholstered Headboard from Restoration Hardware $1495.00 for king

Wallace Upholstered Headboard from Restoration Hardware $1495.00 for king


Harriet White Glass Table Lamp from Barnes & Noble $179.00

Harriet White Glass Table Lamp from Barnes & Noble $179.00

Table from Target $229.00

Table from Target $229.00


West Elm Desk, $329.00

West Elm Desk, $329.00

Excaliber Collection from The Door Store, $169.99

Excaliber Collection from The Door Store, $169.99



Carrie and her vanity


Paris Apartment MirroredVanity $7,800.00


As always with Sex and the City, there is a strong blend of true-to-life reality, (the relationships) and pure fantasy (how could a journalist afford all those designer clothes?) That's why we love it! The mirrored vanity pictured above is a case in point. The one in Carrie's bedroom is comparable to this drop-dead-gorgeous seven drawered beauty from Paris Apartment (go to the site and drool) It retails for $7,800.00! That's equal to 19 pairs of Manolos! I doubt Carrie would make the sacrifice.


Horchow $699.00

Horchow $699.00


I wouldn’t call this pretty mirrored vanity from Horchow a sacrifice!  The curves are graceful, and it has the critical drawer for a blow dryer, and plenty of room for make-up and other necessities.

Gaita Interiors can make custom cream silk dupioni drapes for about $500 per pair.

West Elm Upholstered Slipper Chair $429.00

West Elm Upholstered Slipper Chair $429.00

Ikea 30" round mirror $19.99

Ikea 30" round mirror $19.99 for over the vanity.

Behind Carrie’s bed is a melange of framed wall art. West Elm has all you need, for the right prices. You can get that “collector’s look” in one fell swoop. I would install them in a random mix of black and white frames.

west elmAAAADDKlPkAAAAAAAAxdUgwest elm wall art $19 pillows and throws Connor pillow $60

The pillows are from www.pillowsandthrows.com The bedding is from Crate and Barrel.


Oh Carrie!  I wish you and Big SO MUCH LUCK! But just in case, maybe you should keep the lease on your perfectly elegant little  nest… Big’s a tricky guy! You never know.

ART DECO 1930′S ALL- OUT GLAMOUR ” Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

The plot is thin, but the performers are all pros, and the eye candy can’t be beat! Sets, costumes and the art direction are fabulous and flawless.  Here the set designer, Katie Spencer, expertly recreated a high end Art Deco interior complete with a few anachronisms (which add to the authenticity) from earlier periods such as old fashioned ruffled sheers, and a slightly frumpy dated looking slipper chair, and practically Victorian table lamps.  Let’s keep the Art Deco elegance, but update the look a little:



Satin bedding from Speigel.com

Satin bedding from Speigel.com

From HomeDecorators.com Standing mirrored Room Divider $699.00

From HomeDecorators.com Standing mirrored Room Divider $699.00


Seville Headboard at Target.com $409.99

Seville Headboard at Target.com $409.99


Sheer Curtains


The sheers above are from Country Curtains.  You would need to triple up on them to get that full look.  Gaita Interiors can make very full custom sheer drapes (no ruffles!) for  about $300 per pair.

Schumacher Wallpaper Imperial Trellis-alabaster

Schumacher Wallpaper Imperial Trellis-alabaster, for behind the bed

Thibaut Cantonese, pearl

Thibaut Cantonese, pearl, for an accent wall.


Horchow Crystal Ball Table Lamp $155

Horchow Crystal Ball Table Lamp $155

Horchow Mirrored End Table $269.00

Horchow Mirrored End Table $269.00


Venetian Mirror from www.theMirrorLady.com $341.00

Venetian Mirror from www.theMirrorLady.com $341.00


I wouldn’t build a bedroom with a platform.  To me, it’s a tripping hazard. I’m getting on in years, you know! But you can add the curve and some luxury with a round white shag rug.  This one from Crate and Barrel is quite nice.  If you have enough room, Home Decorators makes one up to 10′ round for the same price!

6 foot round rug from Crate and Barrel

6 foot round rug from Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel Petrie Chair $899.00

Crate and Barrel Petrie Chair $899.00

Pale Gold Metallic Paint from Modern Masters

Pale Gold Metallic Paint from Modern Masters


If your ceiling is in very good condition, you can add another layer of glam with a couple of coats of gold metallic paint.  Modern Masters does a great job, with the paint, and advice on technique. Benjamin Moore Bone White would be nice on the walls where there's no wallpaper.  White Dove for the trim.

Vanity Dreassing Table from ReadyToCover.com

Vanity Dreassing Table from ReadyToCover.com

From Wisteria.com , vaniy stool $249

From Wisteria.com , vaniy stool $249


If your space is small, this  dressing table (delivered unfinished) from ReadyToCover is surprisingly practical, with plenty of hidden storage below.  The kidney shape works well with the Art Deco look.

Miss P

The vanity is just a dressed up shelf in a bay window. Great idea!

At the end of this fluffy romp, our charming leading lady, Delysia, chooses love over riches, with her poor but sincere (sexy) musician boyfriend Michael.  I’m afraid she may have to say goodbye to the deluxe digs she was accustomed to.  Oh well… C’est L’amour!


June 26, 2009

Chinoiserie Screen: A Timeless Interior Design Classic


The folding Chinoiserie Screen has been a classic piece in interior design for centuries for several good reasons. First and foremost, they’re beautiful. They add an exotic Eastern flavor to any room. Lately I’ve noticed a trend among designers toward the use of this decorative staple, as part of an elegant yet unpretentious approach to the design of comfortable living spaces.

chinese screen

This beautiful room is by Alessandra Branca, via www.pointclickhome.com

The look is dramatic, and can serve as a focal point, setting the tone of the room. Serving as both furniture and art, a Chinoiserie screen works beautifully in a traditional or contemporary setting. The practical side of the folding screen is not to be overlooked. Interior designers and home owners have used them to define and divide spaces, and to hide an array of necessary evils, from an unfortunately placed powder room door, to a messy pile of toys, to an undesirable view. All while adding miles of style, pattern and color!

Michael S. Smith

By Michael S. Smith

lkjlskdjflskdjflskdjfsldkfjlskdjflskdjflskdfj Smith’s Bedroom above lkdjfl

From the June House Beautiful, by Meg Braff

From the June House Beautiful, by Meg Braff. This small set can serve as wall art, or be used on a table top.

lsdkjflskdjflskdjflskdjlskdjflskdj June House Beautiful above skdjflskdfj

English leather screens, via Decorati

English leather screens, via Decorati

lsfjlskdjflsdkjflskdjflskdjlskd English Leather Screens above lskdjfls


By Michael S. Smith

s;dl;sldkf;sldkf;sldkf;sldfk Smith Room with Fireplace above lskdjfhlj

An open kitchen is given privacy with a pair of decorative screens

The home chef is given the option of privacy in an open kitchen, using a pair of decorative screens.

sdjlskdjflskdjflskdjlskdjlskdjflskdjlskdjf Kitchen above sdljflsdkjfslkdfjlskd

Decorative screens separated and installed as wall art.

Decorative screens separated and installed as wall art.

sd;sldf;sld;sldkf;sldkf Screens on Wall as art s;ldjf;sdljf;sld;sldjf;slllk

Alexandria driuk

A great use of a Chinoiserie screen set in a beautiful room by Kim Alexandriuk

A matching pair of Chinoiserie sreens in a sitting room at the Kip's Bay Show House, design by Charlotte Moss.

A matching pair of Chinoiserie sreens in a sitting room at the Kip's Bay Show House, design by Charlotte Moss.


If you don’t have it in your budget to spend between $1,500.oo (for a new folding screen set from China) and… well the sky’s the limit for antique screens (depending on the age, condition and rarity) then you can do this project and get the Chinoise look, and practical function of a Chinoiserie folding screen set:

I would start by buying this unfinished screen set from ReadyToCover. They’ll make any size , shape and number of panels you desire. There are several top styles. I’m choosing the plain square top, to better mimic the look of an authentic Chinese screen.

Ready for paint and wallpaper, standing screens from ReadytoCover.com

Ready for paint and wallpaper, standing screens from ReadytoCover.com


Then choose a gorgeous Chinoiserie wallpaper. I recommend painting the back and frame in a color that closely matches the background color of the wallpaper. Your paint store should be able to match the color very closely. Once you’ve wallpapered the main panels, add a coat of satin polyurethane for finish and protection.

Here are some of my favorite Chinoiserie wallpapers that would work very well for this, along with a few fabrics I picked to go with them:


grainnes-charm-blue-terrakazvin-scarlettra-baby-cheetah-mustardtrilogy stripe capri;lfjdlfjldfjlkfjlkfrodilkksdfksld red wallpaper above
Wallpaper: (right )Thibaut, Meridian-red
Red satin: Robert Allen, Kazvin-scarlett
Stripe: Beacon Hill, Trilogy Stripe- capri
Skin print: Robert Allen, Baby Cheetah- mustard
Multi jacguard: Beacon Hill, Grainnes Charm- blue terra

fishing-village-black129437_616detail-of-ven-plaster123157_3232jinan noir
ldklskdjlskdjflsdkjfldkfjgldkfjgdlfgjujp Black wallpaper with co-ordinates oufoiuoiudfjgdlfgjdpfugdpofugdoifugdoifugoilkdlskdjflskdjlskdjflskdjflskdjflskdjflskdjflskdjflskdjflskdjflskdjflskdjlkjlkk
Wallpaper (right): Thibaut, Fishing Village-black
Rust textured wallpaper: Thibaut, Venetian Plaster, pumpkin
Green velvet: Kravet 23157-323
Black Leopard: Kravet 29437-616
Black damask: Beacon Hill, Jinan-noir

cantonese-brown1_pics_imag-220_22404_16martan_180936h-351cheetah-skin-praline1coulthard oro
Wallpaper (right): Thibaut, Cantonese-brown
Gold chennille: Kravet, 22404-16
Stripe: Beacon Hill, Coulthard-oro
Orange geometric: Highland Court, 180936H-35
Skin pattern:Beacon Hill, Cheetah Skin-praline

For pricing and availability on the various wallpapers and fabrics, call Gaita Interiors at (914)834-8282

AIN'T NOTHING LIKE THE REAL THING! Here are some authentic hand painted Chinese screens that are out there, new and antique.

Antique Fujin Screen Set from antiquesbyzaar.com

Antique Fujin Screen Set from antiquesbyzaar.com , $2500.00

These two exquisite screen sets (above and below) are from Antiques by Zaar, an excellent dealer in Chinese antique decorative arts and furnishings. Their huge warehouse is in Highpoint, N.C., but the web site is wonderful too.

Antique Chinese Screens circa 1890 for antiquesbyzaar, $4675.00

Antique Chinese Screens circa 1890 for antiquesbyzaar, $4675.00

chinesefurnitureonline $2300

Newly made hand painted from chinesefurnitureonline $1800.00


Rare anitque pair of Chinoiserie Screen sets valued at about $60,000.00

Rare antique pair of Chinoiserie Screen sets from Evanandgerst.com valued at about $60,000.00


June 18, 2009

Larchmont Has Art: Mini Art Scene in Lower Westchester

Writing and researching for my last post, about ways to hang art, gave me the incentive to take a better look at my own little town in Lower Westchester, to see how the art scene is doing in Larchmont, NY. What I found surprised me in it’s wealth and diversity.

Where to Begin!
PALMER ART at 1985 Palmer Ave, Larchmont, New York 10538 (914-834-3627) represents abstract painter Anton. Here are some of his pieces showing now:

A wall full of art by Anton

A wall full of art by Anton at Palmer Art

Anton at Palmer Art

From Anton's web site.


Carlos, expert framer

Carlos Rodriguez is the owner-operator of Palmer art. I rely on his expertise and refined aesthetic when making framing decisions.


One more by Anton. I may find a home for this one...in MY home!

WENDY GEE! at 1949 Palmer Ave in Larchmont, New York (914-834-8507) has just added some whimsical and charming wall art to their collection of beautiful home furnishings. These are not one-of-a-kind pieces, but are very nicely printed on stretched canvas for a finished look.

pretty store interior

Friendly Dog print on stretched canvas, in rustic frame

Taking pictures at Wendy Gee! is a pleasure. Wherever you point the camera, there’s something pretty! This a great spot for interior designers. You can furnish, accessorize and take care of wall art all in one spot.

A collection of decorative wall art in a fresh spring palette.

A collection of decorative wall art in a fresh spring palette.

Must love dogs! Nicely framed prints

Must love dogs! Nicely framed prints

LARCHMONT ART at 1899 Palmer Ave, in Larchmont, New York (914-834-0288) represents local artists. Larchmont Art also does beautiful framing work. Here is a sample of the art of Marcia Korotkin:

Marcia Korotkin at Larchmont Art

Marcia Korotkin at Larchmont Art

Marcia Korotkin

Marcia Korotkin

Alexander Girshin is a local artist and art teacher. Here is an article about him from the Rye Record. These two striking examples of his photorealism style are now on view at Larchmont Art.

Girshin My Friend by Alexander Girshin

Girshin My Friend by Alexander Girshin

A piece by Alexander Girshin at Larchmont Art

A piece by Alexander Girshin at Larchmont Art

KINESE BARNS FINE ART is an exquisite fine art gallery in Larchmont. They represent an array wonderful artists. Kinese Barnes is located at 1955 Palmer Ave. (914-834-8077) Here is a VERY small example of my favorite picks from this beautiful gallery.

Everybody Wong Chung'd That Night by Katarina Chung

Everybody Wong Chung'd That Night by Katarina Chung

Eyes on the Horizon by Cecile Chong

Eyes on the Horizon by Cecile Chong

Echo Niner by David Collins

Echo Niner by David Collins

CLARKE AUCTION is an honest to goodness auction house hidden away in Larchmont. Clarke’s is at 20 North Ave, Larchmont (914-833-8336) They have monthly auctions of furniture, accessories and art, and twice yearly Art Only auctions. If you’ve never been to a live auction, you’re in for a thrill! Here are a few pieces that sold at their last Art Only auction. The variety of styles that come through is mind boggling! There’s something for everyone.

Something old...

Something old...

Something new...

Something new...


Something modern...


Something blue...

PAOLO CORVINO, an artist of international reputation has been creating art for over 50 years, and has his artist’s studio right at 1887 Palmer Ave. in Larchmont NY(914-833-1175) His work is expressionist, impressionist, conceptualist. The art speaks for itself.

Paolo Corvino First Night , Yankee Stadium at the Museum of the City of New York

Paolo Corvino First Night , Yankee Stadium at the Museum of the City of New York


Inside the Corvino art studio

Inside the Corvino art studio

ANNELLE GANDELMAN is a beautiful New York style art gallery at 1989 Palmer Ave (914-840-4151) Annelle Gandelman has rotating exhibits, so check out this stunning art photography by Geoffrey Baris before it’s leaves on July 8.




LARCHMONT HAS ART!! So come and see. From New York City, it’s a 35 minute train ride from Grand Central to Larchmont. Take an art walk! If you’re coming, let me know. We’ll do art, we’ll do vintage, we’ll do lunch too!


June 11, 2009

Hanging Art: 3 Approaches Prefered by Interior Designers

There are as many ways to hang and display art as there are artists and art lovers. But if we try, we can boil it down to 3 basic approaches, within which you can make your own rules.

1) NEAT and GEOMETRIC…the grid:

If you like your world visually neat and organized, this is your look.

In this case the vibrant energy of the strong color palette is kept in check by the geometric installation of the art.


Neat, but far from dull! The geometry is further strengthened by the symmetrical portraits on each side.

I couldn't resist adding this similar image of Matisse's Red Studio

I couldn't resist adding this similar image of Matisse's Red Studio

Gilded botanicals

Gilded botanicals are installed with precision, and add just the right touch in this year round sun room. (Gaita Interiors)

A grouping of small framed art can take the place of a single larger piece, as in these examples, above and below.

These pretty framed tiles from Linda Paul could fill a whole wall in a kitchen or casual dining room.


Framed tiles from www.lindapaul.com

Life is messy! It’s nice to come home to a crisp, clean look in your personal sanctuary. The art installations below certainly add to a sense of calm and tranquility.

Neat and calming, but not dull.

A restful and elegant dining room.

White dining room

White dining room from Better Homes and Gardens

 a bedroom.

A pretty bedroom in neutral tones. Very tranquil.


I love the calm, cool slate blue combined with a pop of bright red!

The key to this look is identical (or nearly so) frames. What’s inside the frames may be similar, related or vary wildly. It’s the frames that keep it together, and provide that clean, calm organized appearance. The only down side to this look is the installation. Precision is called for. If you’re going to do it yourself, here are some tips for getting it just right. You may consider hiring a pro for this. Many framers provide art hanging services. Or a good handy man/carpenter can do the job.

2) WILD ABANDON, or….more is more

It may be a lifetime’s collection of art and mementos, or just the result of a flea market spree… Or a little of both. There’s a fun free spirited trend toward wild, sprawling art installations for the home. Why interior designers love it? It gives the home instant and unique personality, the homeowner’s personality. You can finish a room in one big picture hanging marathon!

By Thomas Jayne

By Thomas Jayne via House Beautiful

Framed vintage wallpapers via Apartment Therapy

Framed vintage wallpapers via Apartment Therapy

Domino Magazine

Artistic collection via Domino Magazine

A sprawling collage made of art.

A sprawling collage made of art. Very Bohemian.

Tiffany Blue walls make a great backdrop for black and white photos in a variety of black frames.

Tiffany Blue walls make a great backdrop for black and white photos in a variety of black frames. (via Domino)


I like the way the art picks up the black and white checkerboard floor.

Thomas Jayne

By Thomas Jayne via House Beautiful

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A comfy living room is personalized by

A comfy living room is personalized by a lifetime collection of art and mementos

I wouldn't call this sprawling. It's neatly organized, filling the space like wallpaper.

I wouldn't call this sprawling. It's neatly organized, filling every inch like wallpaper.

They could have just hung the orange painting over the sofa, but that wouldn't have been half as interesting.

They could have just hung the orange painting over the sofa, but that wouldn't have been half as interesting.


If you’re lucky enough to own art that’s big and “important”, you can use the time honored approach of letting that piece stand alone, or even lead the design decisions for a whole space. Interior designers LOVE IT when a home owner has big art! It makes the rest of our job so easy!

The rooms below all appear to have been inspired by the one major art piece present.

Looks like this beautiful painting was the inspiration for the rest of the room, with excellent results.

Looks like this beautiful painting was the inspiration for the rest of the room, with excellent results.

green painting

Every detail falls in line behind the stunning contemporary painting.

Black and white

Here, even the almost-black wood floor follows suit.

Nice horsey

The oversized art photography sets not only the color scheme but the entire theme of the room.

Expertly modulated greys pick up the shades in the art, without overpowering it.

Expertly modulated grays pick up the shades in the art, without overpowering it.

A pinch of white in teh bold painting is picked up in the chair's slipcovers.

A pinch of white in the bold painting is picked up in the chair's slipcovers.


Here are some beautiful examples of art installations that combine some or all of the above methods…or just do their own thing:

A statement piece, surrounded by small satelights, on a neutral backdrop.

A statement piece, surrounded by small satelites, on a neutral backdrop.

Soothing classic color scheme is enlivened

The color scheme in the furnishings and paint is laid back, the art pops, all to great effect.

Wall art isn’t necessarily flat! This traditional living room by Mary Anne Smiley Interiors with stunning multi dimensional glass art, combined with contemporary painting, defies categorization. I love that!!

My favorite room at the Kip's Bay Showhouse by Bunny Williams.

Grid Interrupted: My favorite room at the Kip's Bay Showhouse by Bunny Williams.

Oops I forgot my art...very pretty!

Oops I forgot my art...very pretty!

Martha Stewart

A collection of various sizes is carefully arranged inside an imaginary box to create, in effect, a single piece. From Martha Stewart

This is known as The Paris Hang.

This is known as The Paris Hang; almost sculptural.

Got art, but now walls?  Here's a solution.

Got art, but no walls? Here's a solution.

Another one

Another one

Symetrical, but complex installation complimented by subtle paint and fabric selections.

Symmetrical, but complex installation, complimented by subtle paint and fabric selections.

Remember the most important things when you’re thinking about how to hang your art:


My friend Kelly from DesignTies suggested a style I missed: Art leaning on shelves. As she suggests, this gives you lots of flexibility. If you get bored, you can change things around, and never put a nail in the wall! I found this pretty image from DesignHoleOnLine.

A cozy niche with artistic flair.

A cozy niche with artistic flair.

From ED Custom Designs

From E Designs Custom Interiors

And this combo, hanging and leaning from E Designs Custom Interiors

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