May 19, 2009

Wildly Creative Ways to Use Plates as Wall Decoration

I’m so impressed with the creativity people are using in their approach to plates as wall hangings. There’s whole new spin on this time honored method of decoration. Some use plates that seem to be out of Grandma’s old cupboard, some straight from the store. Either way, the results are beautiful, and sometimes astonishing.


This is the G rated version of Vintage Vandal's work. She's a wild woman!

Traditional, even old fashioned, these plates are given a whole new existence with a little tinkering from Trixie Delicious at Vintage Vandal. She’s brilliant! I LOVE to see something old used in a whole new way. Very exciting!


Here, a gorgeous free form display of an array of plates gives a traditional dining room a modern, arty twist!


This clean dramatic design makes maximal use of the contrast between the deep red and the white of the dishes. The installation is beautifully executed, with careful attention given to balance and proportions.

Venice Bieannel

From theVenice Biennale, The Collectors by Eastman & Dragset

Part of the installation”The Collectors”  by Eastman & Dragset at the 2009 Venice Biennale, a kitchen housing an eerily disturbed collection of Weimer-like plates tells a tale of turbulent family relationships.


Black and white fabric from Marimekko

This arrangement seems almost accidental, but the careful selection of black, white and primaries belies that. The apparently random, loose installation keeps the space open, uncluttered, and modern. Which came first, the gorgeous black and white cloth, or the wall arrangement?

Lily dishes from Room Service Home, turned into art.

Lily dishes from Room Service Home, turned into art.

This goes beyond decoration, and into the realm of art. The Lily dishes are from the extraordinary catalog Room Service Home. I’m strongly reminded of the glass art of Dale Chihuly. Perhaps inspiration was taken from there.

Chihuly Dragonfly

Dale Chihuly -Dragonfly


There’s nothing stuffy about these more traditional plate displays . There’s something fresh, unique and even extravagant in the style of each one.


It's the teal paint against the lime color of the plates that makes this very special


The organized arrangement keeps the vibrant colors in check.


Stunning polychrome plates on a red wall.  The three white plates anchor the whole composition

Stunning polychrome plates on a red wall. The three white plates anchor the whole composition

A very fresh, yet traditional approach

A very fresh, yet traditional approach


In this case, MORE IS MORE!


Very traditional, but just perfect, from Martha Stewart.



Fish and citris, mmm, I'm hungry!


Vintage all the way!

Vintage all the way, and as charming as can be.


SO LET’S DO IT! If you don’t have cupboards full of Grandma’s old dishes, here are some plates and bowls I would love to see used as wall decoration. The plates from New York Botanical Garden are truly exquisite in person. Pier 1 has a HUGE assortment of decorative plates starting at $2.00!! This is a GREAT do-it-yourself project! Click here for directions about how to hang plates.

Flower side plates from the New York Botanical Gardens

Flower side plates from the New York Botanical Garden


Pier 1 Paisley Dinnerware

Pier 1 Paisley Dinnerware

Botanical Plate Set

Pier 1 Botanical Plate Set

Pier 1 Fish Shaped Platters

Pier 1 Fish Shaped Platters

Blue and White Rectangular Dishes

Pier 1 Blue and White Rectangular Dishes

  • There are no strict rules about plate hanging. Really anything goes. But here are a couple of tips:
  • Don’t be afraid to GO BIG! Fill the space you have.
  • Lay it out on the floor first to make sure you like it.
  • You can tape paper cut outs to the wall to mimic the plates before you hang them, so you can make sure to do it just right.
  • Have fun!!


Plate Sources in Larchmont and Mamaroneck:

Chatsworth Auction House in Mamaroneck is a great place to dig a round for unique finds. It’s right in Mamaroneck Village, on Mamaroneck Ave. The plates are in singles and sets, mostly on the first floor, but once you get there, you’ll be drawn in. With four large floors to explore, give yourself plenty of time! More photos on the web site. Take a walk on Mamaroneck Harbor while you’re there.


A tiny sample of what you can find at Chatworth's, in Mamaroneck, NY

Pier 1 Imports in Larchmont, is right on Boston Post Rd. Their collection is large , and inexpensive. Buy three of each of the Fish Shaped Platters (shown above) and put up a whole school of fish in the kitchen or dining room. I had fun making a Polyvore set showing this idea. Check it out: School of Fish Dining Room

Wendy Gee’s in Larchmont, has very pretty plates, and all kinds of fresh, upbeat home accessories. Unfortunately, their web site doesn’t sell them, but if you’re in the area, it’s worth a stop. They’re located right in the heart of Larchmont, on Palmer Ave. and it’s one of the most charming spots in town!

Plates Restaurant, Larchmont,….OK, they don’t sell PLATES, they sell very delicious food ON plates (Really delicious!) However they like plates a lot, they named themselves Plates, and they own and display the most unique collection in Larchmont. The owner has collected plates from restaurants all over the world. There all on the web site, each with a little backstory. The variety alone is amazing, and lots of fun to look at. It’s a great place to eat too!

Dumpling forming plate, from Babushka's Reataurant, Moscow, Russia

Plates' Dumpling forming plate, from Babushka's Restaurant, Moscow, Russia

So now you have lots of ways to GET plates, but don’t hide them in the cupboard!

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