July 28, 2011

Cape Cod Cottage Rescue

This is why you buy a dilapidated 700 square foot cottage…..It’s the View, the Location and the Ocean Breezes….did I mention the VIEW?


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Here’s what we started with: Heavy low support beams, 40 year old linoleum flooring (and everything else!), and NO ACCESS TO THE WATERFRONT DECK FROM THE LIVING ROOM!
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Here’s the design concept: Vibrant, colorful, cheerful and casual…a slice of beach heaven!
lekdrjwo9ujkdifvjneithfdufhvseirvfldxfhvsiertn vxdfhvseirytnvsidurhyvsieyrhfidufvsieufhsiuetvhosiufh iueyrvoi
Here’s how it turned out:
lksdfjosieuclserhicsuyfsiuyvoildryliryhlsidrhsithsiethsierhslidrhtsielrhtsilrthl siurhtslidhslirhgs lihgb lhg bdhg lidghld


lkfjoeiujslivjfvslifh cksidjfvlnsidhfvskdvhfvslkjdhfvkdhfvlsidhflkdjhfsudhfkdjfhkudjhfudjhfkdjhfkdjfhkhfoolsdcjlskihv

This is the master bedroom.  Not a bad place to wake up, don’t you agree?
lkdjflvirufijfvlijkihg xnldfhgxlkfhgj xlfkhgjbl kfjg lxfhg lxkfjgsloirjowieuri8ytrowiuejclowiaiseukhriueyrciurhnoundoirf

You can rent this cottage at www.homeaway.com

For fabric and furniture sourcing, email us at info@gaitainteriors.com

November 4, 2010

Kips Bay Showhouse 2010:The Drama is in the Details

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This year’s Kips Bay Showhouse, (to benefit The Kips Bay Boy’s and Girl’s Club), was filled with big, grand design. But what turned my head, was the exquisite attention to detail found in almost all of the beautifully appointed rooms.

Here are a few shots from my visit there, of Delicate and Dramatic Design Details I just couldn’t resist.

In this room titled “Room for a Daydream”, Elizabeth Pyne for McMillen Plus, started with a small focal point, and built on that.  Inspired by a treasured childhood portrait of her grandmother, the rest of the design unfurled.

A gorgeously hand painted wood floor adds opulence to a dressing room by
Darren Henault. Why settle for plain, when you can have fancy!

A brilliant new wallpaper product developed by Brett
Design, allows you to add a clear design layer over your own painted finish. The possibilities are endless! This lacy floral can lend a feminine touch. The walls of the Lounge in the showhouse executed by Brett Design, are done in a clear snake overlay. Very sexy!



Here’s a drapery detail I’ve never seen before. Inset jewel toned glass stones with embroidery detail on the leading edge of an otherwise understated window treatment, in this beautifully detailed  dining room by Cullman & Kravis. So fabulous!
A vignette from this truly glamorous Hollywood inspired  boudoir by The Jeffrey Design Group, proves that Accessories Matter! And perhaps also, that minimalism Is a Drag!

For the BIG PICTURE,  I highly recommend a visit to the showhouse.  It’s open through November 11th.

Here’s the link for more info : www.kipsbay.org

Have fun!

September 30, 2010

Trend Alert!: Guest Blog at HomeWorkshop.com

Neutrals were a big story at Fashion Week this fall in New York.  Interior design is right in there with this  serene yet lively and timeless look.


Copy of FW10DLR_Michael_Kors_1_001-destrcro_180912H-533Copy of strdri_180880H-634parchm_180614H-556strdri_180867H-152
Read the whole story, “Trend Alert: Strictly Neutral” with advice and how-to’s  at www.homeworkshop.com

July 12, 2010

Citrus Colors for Interiors: mid summer refreshement

This summer is a hot one, and just seems to be getting hotter. Here’s some juicy citrus interior refreshment for your personal oasis.

coastal living
From Coastal Living, this orange and white always reminds me of a Creamsicle:  cool orange sherbert and vanilla ice cream…


ss_100032417Citrus -- Oranges
THREEORANGEFABRICSldkrup9w3n8475nw93v8457tpnv5pw95pw957wpbelripo9m8ut;vome94mtnobs958tb0s9e75tow4s 5y

The fabrics above are from: Duralee,Duralee and Thibaut


A melange of oranges, lemons and limes, this room keeps it all pulled together with sunny yellow walls.  Citrus all the way!lemons


coco full repeatthibaut pearl trellis yellowfabric-rayure-mango-print des guild



The fabrics above are from Thibaut, Thibaut and Designer’s Guild

coastal lvng
In the photo above from Coastal Living, an outdoor lounge is brought indoors. If summer is your favorite season, then this is a great way to keep that feeling year round.

surf green thibfabric-carmen-mandarin-print des gulidduralee_14741-682
THREELIMEFABRICASdlkjtp0947u5ngpw947u5npwg937u5pw9gb8793v85y7gw98n6yoert8un0p957b0 95uy
The fabrics above are from Thibaut, Designer’s Guild and Duralee.

All fabrics are available through Gaita Interiors (914) 834 – 8282


June 1, 2010

The Chic Swivel Chair: a key to the multi-function room

Is the formal living room a thing of the past? My clients want to get as much use as possible out of every corner of their homes.  So, why save prime interior real estate for “special occasions”?

More than ever, I’m mixing functions in what is often the roomiest, prettiest and most comfortable space in the house.  The old idea of setting aside a formal living room, and having a little TV room somewhere is getting pretty old!

The flat TV has been instrumental in pushing this trend forward. But there’s been a less conspicuous player that is …shall we say,  PIVOTAL in making this type of room work…The  fun – beautiful – versatile – functional 


This is the Orion Swivel, from KCC Modern Living.  Jensen Lewis carries this style.  I like the mix of straight and curved lines.  The size is ample for sitting, and yet compact.orion swivel kccmodernlivingORANGEORIONCHAIRSlkrutjpj0w39476gpnw9485n48o56ngv93845mf;e94tunvp9w867gb48y

Interior Design 101:

A room  designed strictly for television viewing, will have all of the seating oriented toward the TV.

If a room is meant to be used for socializing, then the goal is to create cozy inward facing conversation areas.

If you’re trying to mix it up, most likely, you will need a swivel chair or two, so you can go from inward facing socializing, to outward facing TV watching, without a neck injury!

Here are a few modern swivels. Some are very charming, some are modern classics, some are just oh-so comfy.   One thing they have in common, is that in keeping with the philosophy behind most modern design..”form follows function”  In other words, they LOOK like swivel chairs.

This is a swivel that’s big enough for two (51″ round!), which I think makes it pretty unique.  It’s called the Eos, and it’s from Room and Board.



The stylish swivel chairs below are (clockwise) from Room Room and Board the Sutro, from Knoll, the Durso,  from Ikea the Karlstad, and from Design Within Reach the Egg Chair.

sutro r and bdurso-swivel-chair_2 knoll

egg chai dwr blackkarlstad
BLACKCHAIRANDORANGEKARLSTADsli4ur0n345yuo4yv5l845yv8y45vbo93 y5i5ut
Aren’t these fun? They’re The Question Mark Chair from Tonon Italia.  If they don’t work out inside, you can always plant them in the garden, and see if they grow!tononitalia-chair-question-mark-1 trendir
A little history, just for the fun of it!

The Eames Lounger, introduced in 1958, has been in production, and selling well ever since.  Since the television was not a major factor in home planning at the time, I suppose the new open floor plan concept in residential design may have been the impetus for putting a swivel on this gorgeous comfortable chair.

If you can get your hands on an old one in decent condition, go for it!  New ones are available through Room and Board.


Here’s the 1966 brochure for the Time Life Executive Chair from Hermann Miller.  The only major change on the current model is that it has five feet on the swivel base, instead of four (more stable)  Now, as then, this chair is a symbol of power, high status and gravitas in the the world of business.

I for one, would love to have four of them around a game table!  You can see that I’m just not that serious!! ( I got no gravitas!) I’d rather play games, than do business…in a really comfortable, supportive modern classic chair.

exective time life chair by eames for herman miller 1966 brochurefive leg exec chair

Where would interior design be today without these two geniuses of modern furniture design? Below is the Eames Soft Pad (so comfy and elegant) and the lovely Saarinen Tulip Chair. Both swivel, both look great in almost any setting.
Eames EA208 Softpad Swivel Chair 1969saarinen_tulip_chair

Okay, we’ve got an American! And a genius of twentieth century modern furniture design! Milo Baughman spent most of his career designing for Thayer-Coggin (from 1953 to 2003)  Among his many iconic, (very often copied) designs is  this classic modern take on a swivel tub chair. This is VERY close to the chairs my Mom had in our living room in the 1970’s, earth tone stripe and all! What a trip!
Milo Baughman forThayer Coggin Inc.

Montgomery Ward, 1975, The Gyro Chair! This one tickles my memory (and my funny bone!) too. I’m pretty sure one of my hipper friends had this in her bedroom. So cool!  I suddenly feel like listening to my old Neil Diamond records…weird.   If anyone still has one of these, I’d love to know about it!
Gyrochair mont ward 1975

Secret Swivels

Modern isn’t for everyone.  This makes my job so much fun, as I’m a design omnivore!

Here are some very classic, traditional chairs that HIDE their swivels.  They disguise themselves as mere objects of luxury, but are in fact eminently practical.

This perfectly proportioned tufted chair from Duralee (available from GaitaInteriors) would feel right at home in the most formal room imaginable, but is SO COMFORTABLE, and of course, swivel-able.

duralee tuscany

The four swivel chairs below are from (clockwise) Pearson, Kravet, Pearson and Kravet.  All are available through Gaita Interiors.

pearsonmajorca swivel kravet

PEARSONBLUESWIVELANDKRAVETMAJORCAlowpetite serenade chair4i5r0gw39475utnvw9p847towgn475v938v7

This is personal favorite of mine from Kravet. It could double as a game chair, and a lounge chair. I think the transitional lines are very beautiful, the proportions are just right, and it’s very comfortable.  It could take almost any fabric treatment, and fit into almost any setting.. Just great!tarragone skirted shair

So get yourself out of that tiny TV nook, (turn it into a pantry!)  get rid of the velvet rope, and start using your LIVING ROOM to live in!


May 25, 2010

Designer Lighting Ideas from the Mecca of Design

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I went to High Point Market Week, and I saw the light…and plenty!

Read the full story on Kathy Barlow’s terrific interiors blog, www.homeworkshop.com.

starburst pendant GK
Enter “Leona Gaita” in the Homeworkshop’s search engine to read some of my other stories featured there!

May 17, 2010

Deep Greens and Blues of Summer

At the High Point Furniture Market a few weeks ago, I visited one of my favorite makers of fresh, modern, well priced furnishings and accessories, Arteriors.

Seeing the collection in person, I was struck by the range of highly saturated blues and greens in their lighting collection…and I thought…what a great palette for summer!

A summer palette need not be bleached out! These deep greens, blues and aquas evoke the richness of a long summer day, from the bliss of a brilliant turquoise sky, to the cool depths of the deep green sea… and every hue in between.


Batik Blue and White Porcelain Lamp

Batik Blue and White Porcelain Lamp

Finley Kelly Green Lamp

Finley Kelly Green Lamp

LAMPSABOVElkrjow349n5unlo4iurtnlo94tuov4utvse8tunlo384tcnl ruythurenut03947tnv y



Fiona Mustard Green Table Lamp

Fiona Mustard Green Table Lamp

Paula Aqua Cased Glass Lamp

Paula Aqua Cased Glass Lamp


IMAGESABOVElskeir;eortunvlrtukxdnvryu,y,bxdr8ydrxufh,dicur3485f6vb87tvkbutrva8 47t6akcuvbtrav8w74trvauker
All of the lamps above are from Arteriors, and are available through Gaita Interiors. All of the fabrics are from Duralee, also available through Gaita Interiors.

May 7, 2010

Mother’s Day, In a Hurry!

In case you are not prepared for the big day  yet, (shame on you!) I’ve conducted a very serious study, to learn what the perfect Mother’s Day Gift for the Home is.

What is that quintessential THING, that all mothers want MORE THAN  ANYTHING? (besides a day at the spa,…no kids invited?)

Well here it is…based on months of research, extensive polls, laboratory testing…..

JUST KIDDING!  The only  search I’ve done is based on my own personal WISHES.  Here’s something I’d really love to receive, and it’s not too late to run out and get it!:

An assortment of cheerful floral cotton pillows-for the traditional Mom

pottery barn

These are from Pottery Barn, and they do a great job of making several very carefully chosen prints look as if they’ve been casually thrown together. the price is right, and the feather fillings are very good.

Or for the Mod Mom, Balanced Design makes these very beautiful, very eco friendly pillows: Green, organic and oh so modern!


Just the thing to add cheer and freshness to my house, and make me love being at home even more than I already do!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Wood Artistry at High Point

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I went to High Point for the market show this year. I saw a lot of very nice furniture, and some very mundane furniture.

Here’s something I saw that stood out, for it’s artistry, craftsmanship, and beauty

Austin Productions Studio A is introducing the S Chair as part of the Piagetto Collection.

The designer Alexander Estrada, first and foremost an architect, shows his true love for furniture design in the exquisite, undulating lines of this piece. Like all innovators, Estrada combines age old wood craftsmanship, with the newest available technology to create his designs. Each cut on this chair is made by two CNC Laser routers.

The finishes are gorgeous. A joy to behold!!…and a very comfortable reading chair too!



On the whole, the S Chair is really a piece of functional sculpture.

One of the fun things about going to High Point, is getting to see  the absolutely newest furniture pieces, some of which are not on the market yet.

As of now, this one isn’t even on the Austin web site, but I recommend visiting the site to see the work of the other established artists featured there.



April 13, 2010

Outdoor Shaded Daybeds

Do you believe were an Egyptian queen in a previous life? Yea, me too. If so, you’ll feel quite regal, and right at home stretched out on a shaded outdoor daybed. lskjeowihilesrutnsve9rntulseoritunlseoritynleoityhneoit7nyoity;eoitn;ot8aynerityaeo;ithdelmar queen outdoor daybed rest hard
DELMARRESTHARDABOVEjfeoirtuw847yvw948e75pbw9er7tyvw9b8eryt98er7tbpv98rytuwlverutnb98iyrtryl9eytpnbyut This ultra luxurious trend in outdoor furniture would seem to be out of sync with the times.  But in fact, there are some good reasons to believe that outdoor daybeds will be around for a while. After all, we finally get it: Too much direct sun is not healthy, or compatible with a long term beauty regime.  Pass the self tanner! palmetto wicker daybed pot barn orleans daybed walmart  $268tuuci bali lounge PALMETTOPOTTBARNlieujo9nupnwv9riytuseriythbslnriytnvseytulise8rutnvliryvlhtjcmol85nuovwb98hvloeintvaohtks

You know a trend is here for real, when Walmart jumps on board, like with their Orleans Outdoor Daybed (above left) for $268!  I think you could do a lot better with the pillows by grazing from other suppliers, such as the pillows shown on the Pottery Barn Palmetto Wicker Daybed.  At $1999 the Palmetto is reasonably well priced, and very pretty!

The one below that, on the left is from the other end of the spectrum.  Tuuci makes truly top shelf, very luxurious resort quality outdoor furniture and hardware. Their Bali Lounge shown here in it’s fully draped and cushioned glory runs about $10,000.

Summer’s coming, and vacations for many have been curtailed. The resort-like luxury of a shaded daybed can make your staycation quite convincing:  Close your eyes, sip on your home made pina colada, and it’s almost like being in the Caribbean!

Outdoor Cabana and Daybed

Outdoor Cabana Daybed from www.homeinfatuation.com

We must be in Figi!


These  curved, ovular daybeds seem very urbane to me.  I’d love to sit on this one, while surrounded by a garden with modern sculptures. The Hamptons, perhaps?

rest hard spartan daybed

The Spartan Daybed from Restoration Hardware.


sydney harbor yin yang front gate

Sydney Harbor YinYang Daybed from Front Gate.

TWOROUNDONESABOVEo93iugoeYINGYANGoripe9mvoriuvnsoiyugiutlvw9utoneiurtvlwo9nutlnreiytc384iytsvnertyvli4euycnpaeyrvleibutra wliuetbal Iraya Outdoor Wicker Daybed BIGROUNDDAYBEDljer03tu0;9ut;voe9rutvneiutj94o8unoriutjw094otu9go8iuyw9485inytv9ietupw984iy6gw98viytw984iy All Weather Wicker Day Bedlifeshop-outdoor-furniture-3oeiuroemvru0e497tvnpsoruvfnoe9ruvjpmaw90eruvma;o8wernvao8erynv8erun9v857nvp9e85t7vn88yt

Get a good book, and a glass of iced tea (or something stronger) …and start relaxing the shade!


P.S.  I sat on this one last week at the High Point Furniture Market ( the Hallo from Kannoa) and had my Cleopatra moment!



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